Long-Term Strategic Plans - RouteAhead


RouteAhead is Calgary Transit’s 30-year plan that guides us in providing safe, accessible, customer-focused transit service for Calgarians. It’s divided into three core principles (Customer Experience, Network Planning and Financing Transit) to help us shape transit service delivery over the next 30 years.

RouteAhead is informed by the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), which describes the vision for growth in Calgary over the next 60 years, and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP), which includes the transportation policies that will help guide Calgary towards the MDP vision over 30 years.

Originally approved by Council in 2013, an updated RouteAhead was approved in July 2023.

RouteAhead: A Strategic Plan for Transit in Calgary (2023)

The RouteAhead Annual Status Update provides an overview of the progress made in 2023 toward implementing the principles and strategies outlined in RouteAhead.

2023 RouteAhead Annual Status Update