New My Fare online purchase option

New My Fare online purchase option

For customers who’d like to purchase My Fare tickets or passes online, our new online customer portal is now available.

While the best purchase experience is through the My Fare app, the portal provides another option for those of you who prefer not to enter credit card details into your phones, or who buy tickets for others (e.g. your children), and don’t want to share your payment information. The portal allows the transaction to take place online, and the ticket or pass to then be sent to the My Fare app.

Please note that the portal only allows you to send tickets or passes to the account you’re signed into. For example, if you sign in using your myID account, you can only send a ticket or pass to your phone. To send one to your child’s phone, you’ll need to sign into the portal using their user name and password.

For more information about My Fare, visit My Fare