Eligibility change for Low Income Senior Yearly Pass

Senior at Westbrook Station

Eligibility change for Low Income Senior Yearly Pass

From June 1, 2023 until April 1, 2024, seniors aged 65 or older can qualify for our Low-Income Seniors Yearly Pass based on individual income rather than household income. This is thanks to advocacy from council and one-time funding from the Government of Alberta.

The Low-Income Seniors Yearly Pass typically requires acceptance into The City’s Fair Entry program based on household income, but in a March 2023 Council meeting, Council directed administration to explore the feasibility and impacts of shifting to eligibility based on individual income instead.

“It’s important that Calgarians have access to public transportation,” says Ward 11 Councillor Kourtney Penner. “This change will help close a gap that was creating affordability barriers for many of our seniors in getting out and making their way around the city.” 

The City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta worked together to introduce a one-year amendment to the existing grant agreement for the Low-Income Transit Pass program, changing the Fair Entry eligibility requirements for seniors. The change will increase the number of seniors in Calgary who are able to qualify for the discounted pass. 

More information about the Fair Entry program, including eligibility requirements, can be found here.