Calgary Transit Access eligibility

Eligibility for service is determined on a case by case basis. Once your application form is received by our office we will schedule an in person interview to review your application with you and determine if you meet eligibility requirements. These requirements are based on your physical and/or cognitive ability to use regular Calgary Transit services.

Interview locations

Here are the locations of where the interviews take place. Let us know which one is best for you.

Location Interview Days Details

Calgary Transit (Head Office)

Administration Building

Spring Gardens

928 - 32 Avenue N.E.

Monday to Friday

Free parking is available at this location in the visitor lot on the west side.

Calgary Transit (Downtown)

Customer Service Centre

125 - 7 Avenue S.E.


Located on Centre Street Station Platform. No parking or washrooms available. No drop off in front, the closest drop off is a block away.

Westbrook Centre

(Westbrook Station)

1417C - 33 Street S.W.

Monday to Friday

Free 2-hour parking is available along 33 Street S.W. The administration entrance located on the south side of the 4-story building located on top of Westbrook Station. No drop off in front, the closest drop off is on 33 Street S.W. Please note Westbrook Mall parking is for mall customer parking only and is monitored by security. 

Calgary Transit Access Garage (CTAG)

231 37 Avenue N.E.

Monday to Friday

Visitors parking is available in the lot and marked. Please access the facility from 37 Avenue N.E. Traffic in the lot is one way; exit via 36 Avenue N.E.

The Calgary Transit Access ACE Program

What is the Calgary Transit Access ACE Program?

The ACE Program is an extra taxi service provided to customers that meet the ACE program eligibility requirements. The ACE card provides a monthly allowance of $56 which you can only use for taxi trips booked directly with Checker. ACE cards are not accepted on regular Calgary Transit Access trips.

Changes coming to the ACE program – June 2020

Under the current ACE program model, drivers start the meter at $3.80; this is commonly referred to as a “boarding charge” which the customer pays out of pocket. Starting in June, customers will have the $3.80 fee automatically taken from their ACE card balance. The monthly subsidy amount of $56 will not change. When a customer runs out of funds on their card under the new service model, they will be able to pay the driver directly with their chosen method of payment. Customers can rest assured that drivers are still going to escort them to/from their front door.

Who is eligible for an ACE Card?

Qualifying for the program is determined during the Calgary Transit Access (CTA) eligibility process. The ACE program is offered when the following criteria is met:

  • Customer must be over the age of 18
  • Customer must qualify for unconditional Calgary Transit Access shared-ride service for a minimum period of 1 year.

If you qualify for the program, you will be sent an ACE card and a booklet to explain how the program works.

Your Monthly Allowance 

The amount of $56 is automatically applied to your ACE card at the beginning of each month. Unused balances do not carry over from one month to the next. Customers are encouraged to keep their receipts to track the balance on their card.

How Does My ACE Card Work?

Your ACE card is like a pre-paid card. Each time you take a trip, the cost is automatically deducted from your monthly allowance. At this time, there is only one taxi company in Calgary that accepts the ACE card as a method of fare payment: Checker Cabs.

To book a trip, contact the taxi dispatch at:

  • Checker Cabs at 403-299-9999

As of May 31, 2020, Mayfair Taxi will no longer be providing ACE trips. 

Where Can I Travel?

The ACE card is for travel within Calgary city limits only.

What if someone rides with me?

Currently, customers have the option of riding with a companion or attendant; customers will still be allowed to ride with a companion or attendant going forward. The only change in this area starting in June would be with the $3.80 starting fee, which will automatically come off of the customer’s ACE card.

Please note that the driver will only fill out one charge slip per trip, regardless of the number of passengers.

For more information about the ACE program, please contact Calgary Transit Access at 403-537-7777 then press 5.