CTrain Service Information

June 15-17: 69 Street to Downtown West/Kerby closure

Affected routes: Blue Line

Affected stations: 69 Street, Sirocco, 45 Street, Westbrook, Shaganappi Point, Downtown West/Kerby

Affected service hours:

  • Saturday, June 15 (all day)
  • Sunday, June 16 (all day)

What to expect: 

The Blue Line will be closed between 69 Street and Downtown West/Kerby stations starting Saturday, June 15 until the very early hours of Monday, June 17. 

Trains coming from the east/downtown will terminate at Downtown West/Kerby Station. For travel between Downtown West/Kerby and 69 Street, we’ll have shuttle buses replacing train service, running every 5 minutes. 

Please note, the replacement shuttle bus does not stop at Sunalta Station. For travel: 

  • WESTBOUND to Sunalta: stay on the Blue Line CTrain to Sunalta Station. 
  • WESTBOUND to stations past Sunalta: catch the westbound replacement shuttle bus at Downtown West/Kerby Station. 
  • EASTBOUND to Sunalta: catch the eastbound replacement shuttle bus to Downtown West/Kerby Station. Transfer there to the westbound Blue Line CTrain to Sunalta Station. 

Full CTrain service will be back up and running again by start of service on Monday, June 17.

Why are we doing this?

We know these closures can have an impact on your travel, which is why we try to keep them as minimally disruptive as possible. That’s also why they’re so important – because doing preventative work and maintenance now can ensure we’re providing Calgarians with a safe, reliable, and efficient transit system. 

Some work can be completed while keeping the trains on track, but there are certain projects that are just too big, or can’t share the space safely while trains are in service, and they require fully closing off sections of the line. Occasionally, a power cut is required to carry out specific work, which also means we need to close the line to train travel.

This weekend, we have a number of repair and maintenance projects on the list, including:

  • Glass repair at multiple stations
  • Switch machine maintenance 
  • Standpipe inspections 
  • Upgrades and maintenance work in the tunnels 
  • Fall arrest inspections 
  • and other projects, as time allows.  

Thank you for your patience during these closures! 

CTrain map - 69 Street to Kerby

Blue Line Replacement Shuttle - 69 Street to Kerby