What matters to you matters to us.

The Customer Commitment is our promise to deliver the six qualities of service that our customers and employees identified as the most important. It shows what we strive to achieve, and we’ll invest in projects and initiatives that can positively impact the customer experience in these areas. To be transparent and accountable to our customers, we are measuring and publicly reporting on our performance.

Update on how we rate our performance (2018)
To get better information about our customers’ experiences, we recently changed our customer satisfaction survey, and that means we’ve changed how we measure our performance. The old survey, which focused on general perceptions, was conducted annually. Now it will be rolled out every two years. To fill in the gaps, we’ve added a new monthly survey. This started in January 2018 and focuses on the customer’s last trip. 

To rate our performance, we’re combining data from both surveys. The measures have already been redefined and our performance is being posted quarterly. To set our targets, we need at least a year of data from the monthly survey. We’ll have that by early 2019 – but until then, the targets will remain blank.


Our promise

Our rating
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We’ll plan, design and operate a safe transit system.

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Our rating for safety on our system is


We’ll provide a dependable transit service by minimizing delays and being on time.
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We’ll provide a service that is friendly and helpful.
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Our rating for helpfulness is



We’ll provide customers with accurate, consistent and timely information.
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Easy to Use
We’ll make it easy to get around Calgary.
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We’ll keep our vehicles, stops and stations clean.
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Our rating for cleanliness is