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Transit App

Great news! We’ve selected Transit as our official app provider for our next-generation mobility-as-a-service trip planning app!

Beginning June 28, Transit will be our official trip planning app. It will be very similar to YYCTransit, our current trip planning app, but you’ll now automatically be upgraded to Transit Royale, Transit’s subscription service. It includes all the features you currently enjoy on the YYCTransit app, plus these additional features:

  • Transit Royale, providing in-app customizations and allowing customers to gamify their transit experience and compare their transit use with friends; 

  • real-time, multi-modal trip planning that includes micromobilty (scooter/bike) options; 

  • ability to locate and plan trips using Neuron and Bird shared e-scooters/e-bikes; 

  • ability to locate and reserve carshare vehicles; 

  • crowd-sourced data relating to the customer experience, such as even more accurate arrival times, transit stop accessibility and passenger mask use;

  • machine-learning to improve the customer journey and provide even more precise real-time arrival data; and

  • full access to the app in more than 300 cities worldwide, including Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Montreal.


You can download Transit (for iPhone or Android) now and you’ll automatically receive access to Transit Royale.


To download, visit this link on your mobile device, or look for this icon in the App Store:

Transit app store icon

The personal information that may be collected by the third-party Transit trip planning application, acting on behalf of The City of Calgary, is authorized under the authority of section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act of Alberta. All personal information will be held securely by Transit and trusted partners and will not be accessed by The City of Calgary except in aggregate form for planning purposes. This means data will be aggregated into groups, so that individuals cannot be identified. You may direct questions about the collection and use of your personal information to, with the subject line “Transit app questions”.