September 28, 2019

Winter is upon us, and with it brings the cold, snow and ice. Getting around in this weather doesn’t have to be a stressful experience - leave your car at home and let us focus on the driving.

Stay safe this winter with these helpful tips to ensure you have an enjoyable ride:

  • Check weather reports frequently. Conditions can change quickly, so make sure you are prepared.
  • Dress for the weather. Wear loose-fitting layers, which trap heat and allow you to adjust clothing for different conditions. Ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear that provides warmth, traction, and support.
  • Stay informed with service updatesBefore heading out, check our websiteapp or Twitter for service changes or detours that may affect you. In severe weather conditions, a snow detour may be in place.
  • Be patient. Winter driving conditions can result in delays for everyone – including our buses and CTrains.  Give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Please be patient as we’re all in this together.

During times of heavy snowfall, we work with our crews to make sure you are safe:

  • Clearing occurs within the end of the first 24 hours once the snow has stopped falling.
  • Our crew will manage conditions with salt and sand, as clearing does not take place during peak periods when pedestrian traffic is high.
  • CTrain tracks are cleared of snow before and after service.
  • Many of our CTrain and MAX stations have indoor waiting areas or have heated/covered shelters on the platforms.

Our snow clearing program

Every year Calgary receives an average of 50 inches of snow. With 45 CTrain stations, 135 MAX stations, and nearly 5000 Bus Zones, snow clearing on transit requires careful planning since we can’t physically be everywhere at once.

To ensure our customers have the safest commute during winter, here’s an overview of our snow program.

Priority Where Description Timing




CTrain station platforms
MAX station platforms

Provide snow and ice control to 45 CTrain station platforms and 36 MAX station platforms.

Snow removal occurs prior to the A.M. peak and in the late evening. Snow and ice monitoring occurs throughout the day by applying ice melt to stairs and trouble spots. Snow will always be removed once within a snowfall of at least 2cm of snow.

17 Ave S.E. Transitway

Snow plowing on the transitway is coordinated with City plows along 17 Ave S.E. to ensure snow is cleared off both the transitway and 17 Ave at the same time.

Sidewalks, ramps and pedestrian bridges

Clear all sidewalks adjacent to stations, garages, bus Loops and bus terminals.

Accessibility and priority bus stops

Clear 1,200 priority bus stops.




Bus loops
Bus terminals
Park and Ride lots

Plow and sand Park and Ride lots, Bus loading and driving areas.  

Snow clearing within 24 hours after a snowfall




City wide transit locations

Clear bus stops throughout the city, CTrain station emergency exit stairs and ramps. Haul snow from bus loops as required.

Snow clearing within 4-7 days after a snowfall

Learn more about how The City clears snow from city streets and bus routes.

Report an issue

To report and snow and ice issue concerning Calgary Transit properties, contact us at 403-262-1000. If you have a snow or ice concern on any of our platforms, please use the Help Phones to inform our staff.


Snow detours

We have identified several areas of the city that are more challenging for our buses to get through when road conditions are extremely snowy or icy. When an Operator deems that trying to get through one of the trouble areas will impact service, we put the route on a snow detour. This allows us to keep to our schedule and maintain service on the route. These special detours are implemented only if absolutely necessary.

We have installed orange signs along most familiar detoured routes to help identify which bus stops may be closed when a snow detour is in effect.  

Here's a list of our common routes and detours, however check our Service Updates section, app and Twitter feed for specific information.

MAX Purple

MAX Teal

MAX Yellow

Route 1 - Bowness / Forest Lawn

Route 2 - Mt Pleasant / Killarney / 17 Ave

Route 3 - Elbow Drive / Sandstone

Route 4 - Huntington

Route 5 - North Haven

Route 6 - Killarney / 26 Ave

Route 7 - Marda Loop

Route 8 - North Pointe/Foothills Medical Centre

Route 9 - Dalhousie/Chinook

Route 10 - City Centre/ Southcentre

Route 13 - Mount Royal

Route 17 - Renfrew / Ramsay

Route 19 - 16 Avenue North

Route 20 - Heritage / Northmount

Route 29 - Queensland

Route 30 - Highfield Industrial

Route 32 - Huntington / Sunridge

Route 38 - Brentwood/Temple

Route 40 - Crowfoot / North Hill

Route 46 - Beddington

Route 53 - Brentwood / Greenwood

Route 54 - Edgemont

Route 69 - Deerfoot Centre

Route 70 - Valley Ridge Express

Route 74 - Tuscany

Route 76 - Hawkwood

Route 77 - Edgemont

Route 82 - Nolan Hill

Route 86 - Coventry Hills

Route 87 - 17 Avenue S.E. / Applewood

Route 89 - Lions Park

Route 90 - Bridgeland / University of Calgary

Route 93 - Coach Hill / Westbrook

Route 94 - Strathcona / Westbrook

Route 102 - Douglasdale Express (PM Service)

Route 103 - McKenzie Express (PM Service)

Route 104 - Sunnyside / University of Calgary

Route 109 - Harvest Hills Express

Route 111 - Old Banff Coach Road

Route 111 - Old Banff Coach Road

Route 114 - Panorama / Coventry Hills

Route 120 - North Silver Springs

Route 123 - Sage Hill/North Pointe

Route 129 - Dalhousie / Sage Hill

Route 133 - Cranston Express (PM Service)

Route 134 - South Silver Springs

Route 138 - Citadel

Route 145 - Skyview Ranch/Redstone

Route 154 - Hamptons

Route 156 - Aspen Woods

Route 174 - Tuscany

Route 299 - Arbour Lake

Route 408 - Valley Ridge

Route 422 - Dalhousie / Montgomery

Route 454 - Springbank Hill

Route 555 - Dashmesh Centre