June 28, 2016

We are renovating the interiors of some CTrain stations to modernize them and improve accessibility, lighting, safety, communication systems and more.

All stations will remain open during construction and CTrain service will not be impacted. The station heads at SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee and Anderson will be closed for a period of time, but the platforms will remain open and accessible.

Station Construction starts* Construction ends*
Rundle June 6, 2016 Fall 2017
Marlborough June 6, 2016 Fall 2017
SAIT / ACAD / Jubilee July 2017 December 2017
39 Avenue August 2017 TBD
Zoo August 2017 March 2018
Barlow / Max Bell August 2017 March 2018
Anderson January 2018 TBD
University January 2018 TBD

*Construction timelines are approximate and may be revised as design and construction progresses.

Rundle and Marlborough Stations

Renovations to the interior of Rundle and Marlborough stations began on June 6, 2016. Both stations will remain open during construction and will be renovated at the same time. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of fall 2017.

Upgrades to the stations will include:

  • Modifications to the station layout to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic
  • Upgrades to building finishes to provide a cleaner, more comfortable station, such as new floor tiles, benches and wall panels
  • Improved lighting and better use of natural light
  • Installation of more CCTV cameras to improve safety and security
  • Updated communication systems and new signs
  • Upgrades to heating and ventilation systems

For more information, view Rundle & Marlborough Renovations - Frequently Asked Questions

SAIT / ACAD / Jubilee Station

Renovations to SAIT /ACAD / Jubilee Station began in July, 2017 and are expected to be complete by December, 2017.

The platform will remain open and CTrains will serve this station as usual. However, the station head will be closed for renovations for approximately two months, from July to September, 2017. During this time the station can only be accessed via the street level entrance – view map.

We aim to open the station head in September for the convenience of students, but the opening date is currently undetermined.

Upgrades to the station will include:

  • New flooring, stairs and handrails
  • Improved lighting
  • Replacing older CCTV cameras to improve safety and security
  • Upgrades to electrical and communication systems
  • New signs
  • Refurbished elevator

Why are these stations being renovated and how is it funded?

Rundle and Marlborough – These are two of the busiest and oldest stations on our system. They opened in 1985 and are due for life cycle upgrades. The funding for these renovations was primarily obtained through grants from the Provincial government and City funding.

Anderson, University, SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee, 39 Avenue, Zoo and Barlow/Max Bell – In 2016 we received funding from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund to complete CTrain station upgrades. These six stations were chosen for renovations based on their need for lifecycle upgrades.