May 26, 2016

Renovations to the interior of Rundle and Marlborough stations began on June 6, 2016. Both stations will remain open during construction* and will be renovated at the same time. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of fall 2017.

Upgrades to the stations will include:

  • Modifications to the station layout to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic.
  • Upgrades to building finishes to provide a cleaner, more comfortable station, such as new floor tiles, benches and wall panels.
  • Improved lighting and better use of natural light.
  • Installation of more CCTV cameras to improve safety and security.
  • Updated communication systems and new signs.
  • Upgrades to heating and ventilation systems.

*Both stations should remain open and fully functional during construction. However, due to the nature of construction activities, minor service interruptions may occur. If an unavoidable interruption is required, we will make every effort to inform the public in advance and minimize impacts to the community. 

Photo: A panoramic image of Rundle Station – the left side has been renovated, and work is about to begin on the right side.

Rundle Station Area Master Plan

The City of Calgary is developing a Master Plan for the area around Rundle Station that will outline a vision for the area and guide future development.

For information visit 

Frequently asked questions

We held a public information session at Marlborough Station on Feb. 26, 2016.  Below are answers to the common questions that customers asked.

Why are these stations being renovated?

Rundle and Marlborough stations are two of the busiest and oldest stations on our system. They opened in April, 1985 and are due for life cycle upgrades.

Are there plans to renovate any other stations?

Yes. In 2016 we received funding from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund to complete more CTrain station improvements. Six stations were chosen for renovation based on their need for lifecycle upgrades and the number of people using the stations: Anderson, University, SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee, 39 Avenue, Zoo and Barlow/Max Bell. These stations will receive similar renovations to Rundle and Marlborough to make them safer, brighter and improve comfort and accessibility. 

Why is an escalator being removed?

There are a few reasons these stations will have only one “up” escalator:

  1. We are moving towards having one “up” escalator at all new and renovated LRT stations. Although “down” escalators are nice features, they are not necessary to provide full accessibility inside the station.
  2. Due to Calgary’s cold winters, snow, water, salt and gravel are tracked into the stations by thousands of customers every day, which clogs the escalators. Maintaining and operating the escalators has become extremely expensive. By reducing the number of escalators, maintenance and operational costs go down and we can spend this money elsewhere on our system where immediate upgrade requirements are needed.
  3. Removing an escalator allows us to widen the stairs, which allows for better flow of pedestrian traffic inside the station.

How much does it cost to renovate each station, and how is it funded?

The budget is $2 million per station. This funding is primarily through grants from the Provincial government and City funding.

Will the ramps and stairs at Marlborough station be replaced like they were at Rundle?

The ramps at Rundle Station were replaced because they did not meet current accessibility requirements (they were too steep). The ramp at Marlborough meets accessibility requirements so it will not be replaced as part of this project. However, we are constantly working to maintain existing infrastructure and improve accessibility to our facilities when funding becomes available. 

Photos: Artistic renderings show how the stations will look when renovations are complete.

lower level