August 15, 2017
Route 3

As of Monday, September 4, 2017, Route 3 has been split in two at Heritage Station. Route 3 is continuing to run between Sandstone and Heritage, while the new Route 37 has taken over the south portion, from Heritage to Canyon Meadows.

Route 37 Heritage / Canyon Meadows

  • View Route 37 map
  • Check the Route 37 schedule
  • Bus frequency for the new Route 37 is as follows:
    • Peak periods: Every 10 minutes
    • Mid-day: Every 20 minutes
    • Evening: Every 20 minutes

Route 3 Sandstone / Elbow Drive

Why is the route being split?

Splitting the route allows us to use buses more efficiently and better target the needs of customers in different sections of the city. For example, the north part of Route 3 requires large articulated buses (60 ft.), while the south portion does not. By splitting the route we can dedicate more articulated buses to Route 3, and use standard size and shuttle buses on Route 37.  

Additionally, splitting Route 3 allows bus schedules to be more consistent and reliable. If there’s traffic congestion downtown or delays in the north, it won’t impact Route 37.

Fish Creek Park & Elbow Drive south of Canyon Meadows Drive S.W.

The section of Route 3 on Elbow Drive south of Canyon Meadows Drive S.W. has been closed since June 26 and buses have been detoured to Canyon Meadows Drive S.W. (view map). Due to the deteriorating condition of the road in Fish Creek Park, it’s no longer safe to run buses in that area. As of September 4, the detour has become a permanent part of Route 37.