January 14, 2016
New Mask CTrain outside view

Our first S200 CTrain car has arrived! The Mask – a sleek design chosen by Calgarians – is a completely new kind of train and is a first in North America.

We have ordered 63 new Mask cars from Siemens Canada which will be arriving on a regular basis as they roll off the assembly line until they are all here by early 2017. The new state-of-the-art cars will help us in expanding four-car service making traveling more reliable and convenient for customers. Our first Mask four-car CTrain will be introduced this spring as more of the new cars arrive.

We are committed to improving the customer experience with improved comfort, passenger information, safety, security and accessibility.

The new cars are fully accessible, too. Here are some other great features:

  • Heated floors for winter
  • Air conditioning for summer
  • New seating layout, roomier cars including leaning pad in articulated area
  • Bucketless perimeter seats along the walls
  • Vehicle front doors have been moved back to improve passenger flow
  • Visible door lighting: green lights for doors open and red for doors closed
  • Fully accessible entryway with sloped floors – no more ramps
  • Double the number of interior speakers to provide more even sound coverage for announcements and reduce the effects of “loud spots”
  • Glassed in operator’s compartment allows the driver to see pedestrians more clearly and enhances passenger view
  • Onboard infotainment: digital monitors with route information and news updates
  • LED lighting inside and out

The cars also come with enhanced security features including high resolution exterior cameras that provide 20/20 vision halfway down the train, and full camera coverage inside and out. The wide open interior concept allows for better security as peace officers can see from one train to the other.

Calgarians were asked to help choose the design of the front of Transit’s new CTrain cars by voting on three options: The Bow, inspired by the Bow River; The Buffalo, inspired by the buffalo; and The Mask, inspired by a hockey goalie mask. The winning design of The Mask represents individuality, reliability, style and protection, a fitting design to represent Calgary.

The new Mask cars are helping fulfill our new Customer Commitment to provide safe, reliable, and easy-to-use transit.

New Mask CTrain outside view
New Mask CTrain inside view