November 23, 2016
customers enjoying a bus ride

Transit improvement projects that lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s Green Line are coming to Routes 302, 117 and 151. With the goal of improving travel time and reliability, particularly by avoiding areas of traffic congestion, we are implementing a relatively minor route change plus a new transit-only road and three bus queue jumps.

What’s changing?

Routes 302, 117 and 151 currently travel on Deerfoot Trail between Barlow Trail and 130 Ave SE, which can be congested and slow during rush hour. Starting on Dec. 19, the buses will travel along 40 St SE (via the new bus-only road) instead of Deerfoot Trail. Additionally, three new queue jumps at 114 Ave SE will allow buses to get to the front of traffic stopped at traffic signals.

Two early a.m. and two early p.m. trips on Route 117 and one early a.m. and two early p.m. trips on Route 151 will remain on Deerfoot Trail. However, trips on these routes that currently use 114 Ave SE and 24 St SE will take advantage of the new improvements.

Bus stops are not affected by the route change. There are no plans to add bus stops to these routes, as they are designed to provide fast, frequent, reliable service which is achieved in part by making limited stops only.


Bus queue jump lanes

Three new bus queue jumps lanes are located at:

  1. Eastbound 114 Ave at Barlow Trail SE
  2. Westbound 114 Ave at Barlow Trail SE
  3. Northbound 40 St at 114 Ave SE

Queue jump lanes are reserved for buses at signalized intersections. Buses enter their own lane. In some cases, the bus will get an advanced green light before other vehicles at the intersection. In other situations the bus will travel at the same time as general traffic, but will benefit from being at the front of its own queue.

Transit-only road

A new transit-only road will connect 40 St SE to the Shepard Regional Shopping Area, where there is currently no connection.