Accurate, consistent and timely information helps our customers make decisions.  They want to know about possible disruptions that impact their commute – but also about future plans, fare changes and service changes.  

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit)

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These results are an index of general perceptions of the information we provide, as well as perceptions of the quality of information our customers accessed most recently.


Where we're at (Calgary Transit Access)

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These results show the percentage of customers who report receiving enough information from Calgary Transit Access in order to use their services successfully. The survey that gathers this data will be conducted in fall 2018.

What we did in 2017

  • Implemented a new operations control centre which improved the information flow between key groups and added a station dedicated to customer information.
  • Implemented a new public announcement system which enabled more targeted (or station-wide) announcements.
  • Implemented a system to send all operators information when there is a significant disruption.

What we’re working on in 2018

  • Conducting a field study into the accuracy of real-time bus predictions and how the information is shared with customers on various platforms (the app, Google, web).
  • Implementing a system to announce all stops on buses.
  • Streamlining internal processes to improve the quality of information customers get about disruptions.