Our customers count on us to provide a service that is friendly and helpful. When a customer doesn’t have that experience, their trust and respect for us can be eroded.

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit)

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These results are an index of customer satisfaction ratings on the helpfulness of operators, peace officers, customer service and call centre staff. 

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit Access)

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These results are an index of customer satisfaction ratings on booking agents, customer service representatives, and how helpful operators are in assisting customers to and from vehicles.

What we did in 2016

  • Reviewed and changed our recruitment process to make sure we are hiring for customer service character and training for skill.
  • Standardized the approach of our Call Centre staff.
  • Introduced customer service into Public Safety Officer recruitment.
  • Provided travel training camps for youth with disabilities to teach them how to use the transit system independently.
  • Provided Calgary Transit Access customers an enhanced way to submit feedback online via 311.
  • Worked with Customer Advisory Committees for both Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access to collect input on design and standards, specific infrastructure projects (e.g. CTrain stations) and more.

What we’re working on in 2017

  • Improve the use of our real-time bus communication systems so operators can be more helpful (and informative) to customers.
  • Increase the frequency of refresher training events for bus operators.
  • Invite 1/3 of transit operators to group training during the summer.
  • Consistently recognize employees for good customer service as well as address patterns of poor customer service.
  • Introduce a Calgary Transit Access online booking system to help people with speech and hearing impairments. This will help increase the availability of call centre reps.
  • Add resources to the Calgary Transit Access Call Centre and Customer Service so we can book trips and answer questions faster.