Our customers count on us to provide a service that is friendly and helpful. When a customer doesn’t have that experience, their trust and respect for us can be eroded.

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit)

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These results are an index of general perceptions of helpfulness as well as customer perceptions of transit staff they encountered during their most recent trip.

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit Access)

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These results are an index of customer satisfaction ratings on booking agents, customer service representatives, and how helpful operators are in assisting customers to and from vehicles. The survey that gathers this data will be conducted in fall 2018.

What we did in 2017

  • Improved analysis and accountability around customer complaints and commendations.
  • Implemented a course to help operators who are having more frequent conflict, including de-escalation of conflict.
  • Debriefed with operators who have had significant negative incidents with customers.

What we’re working on in 2018

  • Conducting mental health training to allow staff to recognize and better help customers with mental health issues.
  • Supporting operators and supervisors with health and wellness training.
  • Hiring a curriculum designer to review operator training, ensure alignment with key policies including the Customer Commitment and, overall, improve the preparedness of new operators.