We are committed to keeping you safe when you use our services. We do that through an extensive network of security features. We also encourage customers to practice safe habits when using the transit system.

How we keep you safe

In addition to our uniformed peace officers patrolling the system, our stations, buses and CTrains are equipped with cameras to enhance your safety.  These cameras are monitored by security staff that are in direct contact with our peace officers and can dispatch them quickly, or call other emergency responders.

The collection of recorded camera images is authorized under section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). If you have any questions about this surveillance, please contact us.

What you can do to keep yourself safe

Help Buttons/Help Phones
Our CTrain stations and platforms are all equipped with Help Phones and every CTrain car is equipped with a Transit Help Intercom System, which allows customers two-way communication with the CTrain operator in the event of an emergency.

You can press one of eight Help Buttons located in each car until it clicks and the green light comes on to tell the operator what the situation is. The operator will provide further instructions, call for assistance, or stop at the next station.

Around our stations
If you’re walking to one of our CTrain stations, make sure to look both ways for trains when crossing the tracks and obey all traffic signals. Motorists should also be aware of flashing lights and crossing arms when CTrains are passing through.

Waiting for the train
While waiting for the CTrain, please ensure you stand and remain behind the yellow line until the train has fully stopped. Never put any objects or limbs in the closing doors and don’t try to pry the doors open once they’ve closed. Wait for fellow transit users to exit the train before get on.

On the train
Once you’re on the train, move to the centre of the car so as not to block other customers from getting on and off. Each CTrain car has yellow lines and signs to indicate where it’s safe to stand when the doors are opening.

Getting off the train
When you’re exiting the CTrain, please move towards the door before the train comes to a stop. Once the train has stopped, press the button near the exit to open the door. This will make it easier for you to get off the train in a timely manner.