Man loading a bike onto a bike rack

Please follow these steps to safely load and unload your bike from our buses equipped with bike racks.

Please note that Lime bikes cannot go on bus bike racks, as they do not fit.

Be sure to remove any items from your bike that may block the view of the driver, or be in danger of falling off.

Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop. Signal to the operator you are going to load your bike.

The operator will kneel the bus to make it easier for you to lift the bike onto the rack.

Allow room (approximately your arm's length) between the rack and your body.

While supporting your bike with one hand, use your other to squeeze the handle and lower rack.

Be sure to lower the rack completely.

Place your bike into the closest available bracket to the bus, with the front wheel facing the direction indicated.

The bike rack will accommodate up to 2 bicycles.

With one hand steady on the bike, pull the holder hook and lift it over the front tire, securing the hook as close to the bike frame as possible.

Your bike is now secure!

Let the operator know where you will be getting off, and plan to exit through the front door of the bus.

If the bike rack is empty after unloading your bike, be sure to return the rack to the upright position.

For your safety always take your bike to the curb before continuing your journey, rather than riding immediately into traffic.