It needs to be easy to get around on Calgary Transit. Success requires a combination of factors such as frequent buses and CTrains, reasonable travel times, direct trips, convenient ways to purchase fares, and a lack of crowding. Changes of this scale can be costly and/or take a long time to implement, but we’ll continue to pursue opportunities to improve.  

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit)

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These results are an index of general perceptions of ease-of-use, as well as trip-based perceptions of accessibility, park and ride, transfers, length of a trip and information sources.

Where we're at (Calgary Transit Access)

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These results are an index of customer satisfaction ratings on the ease of booking trips and whether customers are able to get the trips they need. The survey that gathers this data will be conducted in fall 2018.

What we did in 2017

  • Added four-car train service on the Blue Line.
  • Conducted orientations for Calgary Board of Education students new to using public transit.
  • Added service in new communities (e.g. Nolan Hills, Legacy, Walden).

What we’re working on in 2018

  • Implementing three new BRT services: 17 Avenue SE, North Crosstown and South Crosstown to improve connectivity for our customers.
  • Revising 25% of our existing bus routes to develop a more effective transit network that connects to the new BRT routes and makes use of new BRT infrastructure.
  • Sending out an RFP (request for proposal) to identify the external resources that will help us deliver mobile ticketing.
  • Taking over Park Online from the Calgary Parking Authority and making enhancements to improve the paid parking experience.
  • Implementing audible stop announcements on buses for those who may rely on audible announcements.
  • Conducting further orientations with Calgary Board of Education and Catholic Separate School District students who are new to using Calgary Transit.
  • Enabling organizations and volunteers to train vulnerable populations in the use of public transit so that more vulnerable customers are confident using public transit.