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Harvest Hills Off-Leash Area This temporary off-leash area is for you and your dog to enjoy. View / Edit  Delete  
Zero-Emission Buses We’re moving to a fleet of zero-emission buses. Our first step includes a bus electrification project to deploy up to 259 40-foot battery electric buses by 2026. View / Edit  Delete  
17th Avenue SE Extension Calgary Transit is collaborating with CMLC on aspects of the project related to station design and transit service. Part of the project will see the rebuilding of Victoria Park/Stampede Station. View / Edit  Delete  
Station Renovations Station renovations - status and updates View / Edit  Delete  
On Demand Calgary Transit On Demand is a new way to provide transit service to communities that currently don’t have traditional bus service. View / Edit  Delete  
Long-Term Strategic Plans - RouteAhead RouteAhead is based on other long-term plans like the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP). The MDP describes the vision for growth over the next 60 years and the CTP includes the transportation policies that will help guide Calgary towards the MDP vision over 30 years. View / Edit  Delete  
Electric Bus Pilot Project We’re working on introducing electric buses to Calgary through a pilot project. View / Edit  Delete  
Green Line The Green Line will be an important piece of Calgary's transit network, adding 29 stations and 46 kilometres of track to the existing 45 stations and 59 kilometre LRT system. View / Edit  Delete  
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