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Spring Service Changes Four times a year, we make changes to our service to ensure we’re meeting the needs of Calgarians. View / Edit  Delete  
Family Day Service Over the Family Day long weekend, we will be adjusting our service hours. View / Edit  Delete  
Southland Station Bus Shelter Upgrades Complete We’ve spruced up our Southland station bus shelter to make waiting there for your ride a better experience. View / Edit  Delete  
2023 Northeast Transit Service Review Beginning on December 18, 2023, we're making some changes to bus routes to improve the transit service in northeast communities. View / Edit  Delete  
Safety on Transit – reporting concerns You deserve to feel safe when riding with us. You can report any immediate concerns to us, so that together we can help make public transit safe. If you see something out of the ordinary, you can report it immediately using our text, help button/phone or phone options. View / Edit  Delete  
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