For years Calgary Transit has followed an idle-reduction program as a way to:

  • Save money by burning less fuel.
  • Reducing wear and tear on engines.
  • Protecting the health of the bus operators, passenger and the general public that are in the vicinity of the buses.
  • Reduce the overall impact on air quality.

The City of Calgary’s Vehicle Idling Reduction Policy (Green Driving Standard) states:

“City Transit vehicles will not be parked with its engine operating for more than 5 minutes unless it is essential for performance work. Exceptions are during an initial engine warm-up period in weather below-10 Celsius and during periods of extreme cold weather below-10 Celsius. When engines must be left operating, for any reason, the operator will remain with the unit.”

Some exceptions to the vehicle idling policy are:

  • In situations that may compromise the safety of operators, such as when parked in unlit areas.
  • During the buildup of air pressure for brakes and suspension.
  • For the operation of equipment integral to the vehicle
  • During cold weather conditions where temperatures fall below -10 Celsius