Important: Even though school starts week of August 31, the schedules for school routes won't show on up on our website applications until Tuesday, September 8 (following the public holiday). You can view your school schedule by:
  • Selecting the school from the list below
  • Use our website plan a trip or schedules applications and change the date to September 8.

School express routes are not charters and are available for travel to any fare-paying passenger. Students can use the school express service or other Calgary Transit routes to get to and from school. School express service is provided as a supplement to regular service. For information regarding Elementary and Junior High School charter routes, please contact the school directly.

The 2015-16 schedules are available for view / download.  Please select your school below, and find the map and schedule for that route.  There may be variations to your schedule for the first week back at school, please check back for updates.

New school routes starting September 1:

  • Route 696 - Our Lady of Assumption / Bowness / Valley Ridge (Map / Schedule)
  • Route 702 - Churchill / Nolan Hill (Map / Schedule)
  • Route 777 - Henry Wisewood / Evergreen (Map / Schedule)
  • Route 803 - St. Jean Brebeuf / Churchill / Nolan Hill  (Map / Schedule)
  • Route 833 - Madeleine D' Houet / Dalhousie  (Map / Schedule)


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