Statistics show us that safety incidents involving Calgary Transit are rare.  However we know that it’s
critical to help our customers feel secure and safe while using the system.

Where we’re at

Creating Chart...

These results show customer ratings on how safe they feel while using Calgary Transit services. 

What we did in 2017

  • Hired 16 new peace officers.
  • Developed a system to minimize the presence of known disruptive individuals on the system.
  • Improved crossing safety at Chinook Station.
  • Access to elevators is restricted after 9:00 p.m. to help minimize illicit behavior in stations.      

What we’re working on in 2018

  • Launching a text message number for customers to discretely report incidents.
  • Reconfiguring and installing offset barriers at various LRT crossings to help our customers practice safer behaviours around trains.
  • Implementing 12 BRT stops with safety and security equipment (cameras and help phones) on the 17th Avenue SE BRT to improve the safety experience on MAX.