Statistics show us that safety incidents involving Calgary Transit are rare.  However we know that it’s
critical to help our customers feel secure and safe while using the system.

Where we’re at

Creating Chart...

These results show customer ratings on how safe they feel while using Calgary Transit services. 

What we did in 2016

  • Promoted safety through education campaigns such as “It Only Takes a Second,” which focused on distractions at CTrain crossings.
  • Required video cameras on all future vehicles.
  • Required CCTV cameras on all new customer-facing infrastructure projects.
  • Changed dispatch practices to increase the visibility of Peace Officers.

What we’re working on in 2017

  • Continue to promote safety at crossings through the “It Only Takes a Second” campaign.
  • Create and support a Public Safety Committee to focus further safety improvements.
  • Promote the role of our Public Safety Officers.
  • Work with Calgary Police and City security resources to improve customer security, focusing on CCTV usage, physical security measures and security response protocols.