Where we’re at

As of 2015, customers rate the safety of our system at 7.8 on a scale of 1-10. Our target is to reach a satisfaction rating between 8.0-8.3 by 2018.

What we're working on

We’ve identified the following actions as top priorities for improving safety:

  • Increase the visibility of Calgary Transit staff on the transit system.
  • Continue to develop an integrated system for managing incidents and emergencies, which will allow us to be more effective in responding to unforeseen events, including severe weather challenges.
  • Implement a Peace Officer deployment strategy that will focus on the feasibility of decentralized deployment, balancing the number of officers, service hours and service demand.
  • Continue with training practices for Operators such as refresher training programs and the Defensive Driving course.

What we've done

In 2015 we did the following to improve safety:

  • Hired 30 new Peace Officers for an increased presence on the system.
  • Reduced crime to an all time low. In 2015 there were 1.64 person crimes per million riders (person crimes include assault, robbery, etc.)
  • Reached a milestone in fare compliance with 98.3% of CTrain passengers having proof of payment. This is the highest it’s been since the CTrain opened in 1981.
  • Updated the Sever Weather section of our Emergency Response Plan.