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Route 201--CTrain Tuscany / Somerset-Bridlewood
Route 202--CTrain Saddletowne / 69 Street W  

Route 300--BRT Airport / City Centre
Route 301--BRT North / Downtown
Route 302--BRT Southeast / Downtown
Route 305--BRT Bowness / 17 Ave SE
Route 306--BRT Westbrook / Heritage  

Route 1--Bowness / Forest Lawn
Route 2--Killarney / 17 Avenue / Mt.Pleasant  
Route 3--Elbow Drive / Sandstone
Route 4--Huntington
Route 5--North Haven
Route 6--Killarney / 26 Avenue  
Route 7--South Calgary / Marda Loop
Route 8--North Pointe/Brentwood  
Route 9--Varsity Acres / Bridgeland
Route 10--Dalhousie / Southcentre
Route 11--Southwest Loop
Route 12--Southwest Loop
Route 13--Mount Royal
Route 14--Cranston / Bridlewood  
Route 15--Millrise
Route 16--Palliser
Route 17--Renfrew / Ramsay
Route 18--Lakeview
Route 19--16 Avenue North
Route 20--Heritage / Northmount
Route 21--Castleridge
Route 22--Dalhousie
Route 23--Foothills Industrial
Route 24--Ogden
Route 25--Whitehorn
Route 26--Dover
Route 27--Willowglen
Route 28--Deer Run
Route 29--Queensland
Route 30--Highfield Industrial
Route 31--Downtown Shuttle  
Route 32--Huntington / Sunridge
Route 33--Vista Heights / Marlborough
Route 34--Pineridge
Route 35--Bonavista/ Canyon Meadows
Route 36--Riverbend
Route 37--Northwest Loop
Route 38--Temple
Route 39--Acadia
Route 40--Crowfoot / North Hill
Route 41--Lynnwood
Route 42--Marlborough
Route 43--Northwest Loop
Route 44--Deer Ridge
Route 45--Abbeydale / Applewood
Route 46--Beddington
Route 47--Lakeview / Chinook Station
Route 48--Rundle
Route 49--Forest Heights
Route 50--Forest Lawn
Route 51--Penbrooke
Route 52--Evergreen / Somerset
Route 54--Edgevalley
Route 55--Falconridge
Route 56--Woodbine
Route 57--Erin Woods / McCall Way
Route 60--Taradale
Route 61--Martindale
Route 62--Hidden Valley Express
Route 63--Lakeview Express
Route 64--MacEwan Express
Route 66--Blackfoot Express
Route 69--Deerfoot Centre
Route 70--Valley Ridge Express  
Route 71--Taracove
Route 72--Circle Route
Route 73--Circle Route
Route 74--Tuscany
Route 75--Riverbend Express
Route 76--Hawkwood
Route 77--Edgemont
Route 78--Sundance / Chaparral
Route 79--Acadia / Oakridge
Route 80--Oakridge / Acadia
Route 81--Macleod Trail
Route 83--Parkland
Route 84--Palliser
Route 85--Martin Crossing
Route 86--Coventry Hills
Route 88--Harvest Hills
Route 89--Lions Park
Route 91--Lions Park / Brentwood  (Foothills Hospital / Children's Hospital) Route change: October 27
Route 92--McKenzie Towne
Route 93--Coach Hill / Westbrook  
Route 94--Strathcona / Westbrook
Route 95--Westwinds Business Park
Route 96--McKenzie
Route 98--Cougar Ridge  
Route 100--Airport / McKnight Station
Route 102--Douglasdale Express
Route 103--McKenzie Express
Route 107--South Calgary
Route 109--Harvest Hills Express
Route 110--Douglas Glen Express
Route 112--Sarcee Road
Route 114--Panorama / Country Hills
Route 116--Coventry Hills Express
Route 117--McKenzie Towne Express
Route 118--Hidden Valley
Route 122--Varsity
Route 125--Erin Woods Express
Route 126--Applewood Express
Route 127--Franklin Industrial
Route 133--Cranston Express
Route 136--Riverbend
Route 137--Northwest Loop
Route 142--Panorama Express
Route 143--Northwest Loop
Route 145--Northland
Route 146--Beddington
Route 151--New Brighton Express
Route 152--New Brighton  
Route 153--Copperfield
Route 154--Hamptons
Route 157--Royal Vista
Route 158--Royal Oak
Route 159--Saddlebrook  
Route 169--Rocky Ridge
Route 174--Tuscany
Route 176--52 St. Express
Route 178--Sundance / Chaparral
Route 181--MRU North Express
Route 182--MRU South Express
Route 199--Citadel
Route 201--CTrain Somerset-Bridlewood / Tuscany
Route 202--CTrain Saddletowne / 69 Street W  
Route 299--Arbour Lake
Route 300--BRT Airport / City Centre
Route 301--BRT North / Downtown
Route 302--BRT Southeast / Downtown
Route 305--BRT Bowness / 17 Ave SE
Route 306--BRT Westbrook / Heritage
Route 402--Silverado
Route 404--North Hill
Route 405--Hillhurst
Route 406--Auburn Bay  
Route 407--Greenwood / Brentwood
Route 408--Valley Ridge
Route 409--Douglas Glen
Route 410--Glenmore Business Park
Route 411--Downtown / East Calgary
Route 412--Westgate / Beltline  
Route 414--14 Street Crosstown
Route 419--Parkhill / Foothills  
Route 420--Evanston
Route 421--Panatella
Route 425--Sage Hill / Kincora
Route 429--Sherwood  
Route 430--Sandstone / Airport
Route 439--Discovery Ridge
Route 440--Chateau Estates
Route 445--Skyview Ranch / Redstone
Route 452--Wentworth  
Route 453--West Springs  
Route 454--Springbank Hill  
Route 456--Aspen Woods  
Route 502--Heritage Park Shuttle  (Seasonal)
Route 506--Chinook Centre Shuttle
Route 555--Dashmesh Centre  (Sundays Only)

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