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Calgary Transit operates a fleet of 156 Siemens – Duwag built Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) that run on 56 kilometers of double track and serves 44 stations. The “CTrain” as it is known today began operation in 1981 May with one line, starting at Anderson Station and ending at 8 Street West Station.

Since then, the CTrain System has expanded several times as shown in the chronology below.

  • 1985 April 29 – N.E. line opens from Whitehorn Station to 8 Street West Station
  • 1987 September 7 – N.W line opens. Route 201 now travels from Anderson Station in the south to the University of Calgary in the north.
  • 1990 August 31 – N.W. line is extended to Brentwood Station
  • 2001 October 26 – S.W. line is extended to Fish Creek/Lacombe 
  • 2003 December 15 – N.W. line is extended to Dalhousie
  • 2004 June 28 - S.W. line is extended to Somerset/Bridlewood
  • 2007 December 17 – N.E. line is extended to McKnight/Westwinds
  • 2009 June 15 – N.W. line is extended to Crowfoot
  • 2012 August 27 – N.E. line is extended to include Martindale and Saddletowne
  • 2012 December 10 – New West LRT line completed from downtown to 69 Street SW
  • 2014 August 25 – N.W. line is extended to Tuscany
CTrain Line Mappdf

CT Line Map. Click to view larger version.

Today the total system is comprised of two distinct lines known as the Route 201 Crowfoot/Somerset-Bridlewood and the Route 202 Saddletowne/69 Street W.

The fare system in place is an honour system whereby customers are expected to have “proof of payment” with them at all times while riding the CTrain or in designated “fare restricted” areas. Proof of payment can be in the form of pre-printed passes and tickets purchased ahead of time from Calgary Transit fare vendors, transfers, or tickets purchased directly at the stations. Pre-printed Day Passes and Tickets must be validated or stamped in a validator located in all ticket machines at the stations. Customers may be checked at any time for proof of payment by transit Peace Officers and may be subject to a penalty under the Calgary Transit By-Law.

The downtown portion of the CTrain which travels along 7 Avenue is known as the free fare zone. It is free to ride either CTrain route between 3 Street East and 11 Street West along 7 Avenue. Please remember to purchase a fare if you plan to travel outside of the downtown area.

For further information regarding Calgary Transit’s CTrain system please go to Technical Information.


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