The Green Line will be Calgary's next LRT line, adding 40 kilometres to the existing 59 kilometre LRT system. End-to-end, the line will connect the Northern Hills communities and Seton to downtown, and is estimated to serve 41 million passengers annually.  

The Green Line project is broken into three sub projects:

Green Line North LRT Alignment

After two years of public consultation, and technical analysis, City Council has approved the alignment for the future Green Line North LRT on Centre Street North. This decision provides direction and certainty for citizens, land developers, and The City.  This project was previously referred to as North Central LRT. Learn more

Green Line North Transitway

The planning and design of the Green Line North Transitway on Centre Street, as approved in the RouteAhead plan, began in 2015.

Green Line Southeast Transitway

We are working on the preliminary design study for the Green Line Southeast Transitway, previously referred to as SETWAY. The Southeast Transitway will ultimately be part of Calgary Transit’s Green Line. Learn more.