BRT Bus riding along 7 Avenue

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT for short) is high frequency, limited stop bus service that offers many of the advantages of train service but is more flexible and cost effective to build.

What is BRT?

Calgary’s BRT network forms a core component of the RouteAhead plan.

Because buses can operate in mixed traffic, exclusive lanes, transitways or almost any other type of street they can be easier to implement and extend over time. BRT often uses infrastructure like transitways and exclusive bus lanes as well as technology like transit signal priority to speed up service and normally provides higher quality amenities at stops.

BRT lines may evolve into rail based systems over time as ridership, land use and travel patterns change.

Where does it go?

Bus Rapid Transit is provided on major transit corridors and along with LRT will form a system of high frequency cross-town and city centre routes extending into every quadrant of the city. The network was highlighted in The City’s Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan and refined in the RouteAhead plan.

Why BRT?

BRT is a flexible rapid transit technology that is able to adapt to Calgary’s rapidly changing landscape.  As the city grows and transforms, BRT service can help accommodate the changing travel patterns of Calgarians while adding comfort, speed, capacity and reliability to the transit system.

BRT adds significant value to the communities it serves and can be a catalyst for growth and change.