November 21, 2016
Stuff a bus

For 24 years Calgarians have been filling buses with donations for the Calgary Food Bank on the first Saturday in November.

On Saturday, Nov. 5, 82 Calgary Transit employees volunteered their time to support the Calgary Food Bank through our annual Stuff a Bus event. A bus was parked outside every Co-op in the city, and Calgarians generously helped us fill those buses with food and cash donations.

The numbers are in and we had one of our most successful events ever, despite the downturn in Calgary’s economy. The event raised a total of $168,166.75 in cash and food donations. Over 57,000 lbs of food was donated and there were over $53,000 in cash donations.

“Thank you so much for helping us achieve a successful event,” says Cindy Drummond of the Calgary Food Bank. “This event kicks off the start of our busiest season and sets the pace for all our fundraising efforts.”

Calgary Food Bank usage has soared this year with visits up 17 per cent from 2015.