On May 19, 2009, Mayor Dave Bronconnier, Jim Prentice, Canada's Minister of the Environment, and Provincial Justice Minister Alison Redford announced a major investment in funding for Transit projects over the next two years. A total of approximately $270 million will be invested in Transit as a result of this joint initiative by all three orders of government, with a contribution of $90 million each.

"This is an important partnership by all orders of government," said Mayor Dave Bronconnier. "We're adding an immediate stimulus for job creation, and investing to improve mobility which has lasting benefits for our economic competitiveness for the future. Expanding our transit network and upgrading our system is vital for the environment and our quality of life."

"Investments in public transit will not only create jobs and stimulate the economy, but will also leave the lasting links that will pave the way for Calgary's growth and prosperity in the future," said Minister Prentice. "By attracting more commuters to transit, we will help minimize overall emissions, reduce congestion and help to improve the quality of life and the environment for the residents of this region."

"By encouraging Calgarians to use the CTrain, this major investment will help increase traffic safety for both motorists and pedestrians and reduce the province's carbon footprint," added Minister Redford.

The transit projects identified as part of the funding partnership initiative include:

  • Electronic Fare Collection
  • Transit Signal Priority Projects
  • Upgrade Light Rail Transit Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Security System
  • Calgary Transit Advanced Passenger Information System
  • Light Rail Transit Traction Power Upgrades
  • Southeast Bus Rapid Transit Park and Ride Lots
  • 7th Avenue Rehabilitation - Four-Car Stations and Track work
  • Four-Car Light Rail Transit Station Platforms
  • West Light Rail Transit 11th Street Station

Construction of all of these improvements, except for the West Light Rail Transit, 11th Street Station, is expected to begin later this year. The West Light Rail Station project is expected to be started in 2010 and finished by the end of 2012.

The approved transit projects are outlined in the following brochure:
Proposed Transit Investments for Calgary (1.83 MB)