October 31, 2016
CT Tactile Map

Are you a confident CTrain user? Do you wish to become one?  We have partnered up with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) to test a tactile map for CTrain users with vision loss.  Volunteers are invited to experience using our first-ever tactile map. People of all ages and any level of visual impairment can take part. Your feedback from this pilot project will help the program grow.

The maps are designed to allow customers with vision loss greater mobility, comfort, independence, safety and confidence to travel our CTrain system. The handheld tactile maps allow a person with vision loss to read a map of the CTrain station. The maps will give users a greater understanding of the layout of four pilot stations, including Bridgeland/Memorial Station, City Hall Station, Downtown West/Kerby Station and Chinook Station.

The map also includes information about bus loops, plazas, entrances, exits, elevators, escalators, stairs, help phones, and ticket vending machines. Most importantly, it identifies obstructions including platform edges.  Volunteers will take part in an easy training session with travel trainers to introduce you to the map and answer any questions you may have.

This is a great opportunity to increase your ability to use the CTrain and help make day-to-day life better for people with vision loss. Please consider volunteering for map testing. To register, please contact Trelena Maloff by telephone at 403-537-7862.