April 25, 2019
girl on a bus looking out the window

Route 36 and 41 – realigned

Routes 36 and 41 are being adjusted in response to your feedback after changes to Route 24 came into effect in November 2018. These changes left a coverage gap on 20A Street SE, so routes 36 and 41 are being realigned to serve that area.

  • Beginning June 24, 2019, routes 36 and 41 will be realigned to serve 20A Street SE between 66 Avenue SE and 76 Avenue SE.
  • This will provide connections to schools and services along 69 Avenue SE and 66 Avenue SE as well as transit coverage along 20A Street SE.
  • Frequency on Route 36/41 will increase in peak periods to every 20 minutes.

View a map showing the changes.

Route 75 - discontinued

Route 75 will be discontinued as Riverbend has access to other existing connections to downtown. The last day of service will be Friday, June 21, 2019.

The service hours that were used by Route 75 will be reinvested into other routes in this area.

Alternative options for customers of Route 75 include:

To reach downtown:

  • Take Route 36 or 41 to Route 24
  • Take route 36 or 41 to Chinook Station, take the Red Line to downtown
  • Take MAX Teal to Heritage Station and take the Red Line downtown

To reach Ogden Industrial/Bonnybrook:

  • Take Route 36 or 41 to Route 24

Calgary Transit will continue to monitor feedback once these changes are made, to ensure you are getting the best service possible.


Contact us at 403-262-1000, or you can submit a request online (select “Bus Route or Bus Schedules” from the list, then complete the online form).