May 13, 2020

Although our ridership is down, over 100,000 Calgarians still rely on us to get them to essential places around the city each day. Keeping our employees and customers safe from exposure has been our top priority, and we’ve been introducing new safety measures as the situation in Calgary evolves. 

What we’re doing to keep our operators safe

Our operators come into contact with hundreds of customers a day and their safety is extremely important to us.

Rear-door boarding

We are asking all customers to board our buses using the rear doors. This will help reduce the number of interactions our operators have, increase physical distancing and ultimately keep our city safer.

Customers who require accessible boarding can still board at the front of the bus.

In this very difficult time, we are asking Calgarians to be honest and pay their fares. We cannot accept cash fares or transfers while boarding using the rear-doors; please purchase single-ride tickets from our ticket vending machines, where possible, and rip the ticket once boarded to validate. This honour-system approach, is asking Calgarians to come together as a community to keep our city safe.

Please stay behind the yellow line when talking to our operators, to ensure social distancing.

Front seat closures

We have closed off the front seats of shuttle buses and the jump seats directly behind the operator on NOVA buses, to further keep physical distance between operators and customers.

Cleaning kits

We are equipping every vehicle with hand sanitizer for operator use and providing operators with personal cleaning kits.

What we’re doing to keep our customers safe

Personal face coverings for operators

Choosing to wear a non-medical mask or cloth face covering is an individual decision. We’re asking our operators to volunteer to wear cloth face coverings in situations where keeping 2 metres of space isn’t possible. If you choose to wear a cloth mask, you’re joining customers who have also made the choice and together, we can work together to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other safe.

Limiting our seating

About half of our seats on our buses will be blocked off with signage to promote physical distancing. Please practice the same etiquette on CTrains and keep two metres distance from fellow passengers.

staggered seating icon

Please sit only in unmarked seats. No standing please.

staggered seating icon

Do not board the bus if you feel ill or have flu-like symptoms.

With far fewer customers during the COVID-19 outbreak, we don’t expect these changes will impact travel times on most of our bus routes. If a bus does reach capacity, please wait for the next bus. Thank you for your patience, as we try to keep our city safe. If you are traveling during peak hours, please allow yourself extra time to get to your destination. We have staff monitoring our routes and are making adjustments as necessary.

We’ve closed off the front seats of shuttle buses and the jump seats directly behind the operator on NOVA buses, to further keep physical distance between operators and customers.

Cleaning all vehicles and facilities

We’re working hard to thoroughly clean all of our vehicles and facilities, to ensure we are providing a safe workplace for our employees and customers. We are disinfecting all grab rails, stanchions, steering wheels, buttons, etc. and are spraying a commercial hospital-grade disinfectant on high-touch surfaces inside of the vehicles.

Crews are boarding CTrain cars at stations along our Red and Blue lines throughout the day to disinfect high-touch surfaces. Between trains, the crews are disinfecting high-touch surfaces at CTrain stations, such as ticket machines and grab rails. 

Peace officers doing downtown fare checks

To help reduce incidents of public disorder and improve fare compliance, we’re putting uniformed Calgary Transit peace officers at both ends of the downtown core at our 7th Street West and City Hall South stations. They are boarding outbound CTrain cars at these stations and checking passengers for valid tickets or passes before the cars disembark.
When encountering passengers who are unable to produce valid fares, peace officers are asking these individuals to leave the train, purchase a fare and catch the next train. We are not issuing these individuals provincial violation tickets for fare evasion offences. Calgary Police Service members are on-hand at our 7th Street West and City Hall South stations to assist. 

Limiting station building access 

To prevent large gatherings and improve physical distancing on our system, the following station buildings are closed all hours of the day:

  • SAIT/AUArts/Jubilee
  • Victoria Park / Stampede 
  • Erlton 
  • Heritage 
  • Southland 
  • Anderson 

Chinook and Southland station bus loop shelters are closed between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

When the station building is closed, please use the wheelchair and stroller friendly at-grade crossing entrance to access the platform for the Red Line CTrain.

Ticket vending machines are available at the at-grade crossings for you to purchase your fare.

If you’re unfamiliar where to go, we’ve placed wayfinding signs to help you navigate to the entry and exit points.