October 01, 2019

Over the “Snowtember” weekend (September 28-29) we didn’t let 30 cm of snow stop us from completing three maintenance projects on the northwest leg of the Red Line.

Here’s a look at the projects we completed:

Replacing swivel clips on our overhead contact wire system
Swivel clips hold overhead contact wires to the supporting pole structure. As the temperature changes the copper contact wire expands and contracts, which allows the wires to move back and forth. Swivel clips are subject to road spray and contamination from traffic on Crowchild Trail, which can cause them to seize and not move as they are designed to. When swivel clips seize the overhead wire system does not react well to the temperature swings we are subject to in Calgary.

Enmax crews used high rail bucket trucks to replace the swivel clips, and we worked with the manufacturer and added an anti-seize compound to help them last longer.

Enmax power linemen replacing swivel clips
Enmax power linemen replacing swivel clips

Sump pump maintenance

We replaced two sump pumps below manholes that are located at low points along Crowchild Trail. Because they are at low points, water is constantly seeping into them and the sump pumps run nearly continuously, year round.

Replacing stucco siding at Dalhousie Station
At Dalhousie Station the stucco siding had cracked and was falling off. The flashing (metal between the stucco and the wall, used to weather-proof the building) was not protecting the stucco enough to prevent water from getting in, and once water got in there was no way for it to drain out. A new, more durable solution was found using concrete panels, larger flashing and a way for water to drain out if any should get in.

Stucco removed and new concrete panels being installed

Crews working at Dalhousie Station in very snowy conditions!

Thanks for your patience during this track closure between Tuscany and Brentwood stations. As you can see, it’s critical that we do regular maintenance on our infrastructure to keep our transit system safe and reliable. You can stay informed about upcoming closures by checking the Service Updates on our website or app.