October 16, 2019

69 Street Station was closed on October 12 as we completed three maintenance projects. Here’s a look at the work we did:

Weight replacement for overhead lines
The “catenary” is the overhead line that transits electrical energy to our CTrains. The catenary wires must be held at specific tensions between supporting posts. In order to keep the tension tight, there are dead end weights made of concrete used to weigh down the catenary. Over time the concrete becomes brittle and must be replaced to keep the lines tight.

Radio cable repairs
Radio cables are fastened to the inside of the tunnel at 69 Street Station. Some of the fasteners that secure the cable to the wall needed to be replaced.

Lighting upgrades
We replaced the lamps and ballasts of the exterior lighting fixtures in the trench and tail tracks at 69 Street Station.

Thanks for your patience during the track closure between 69 Street and Sirocco stations while we completed projects that help keep our transit system safe and reliable. You can stay informed about upcoming closures by checking the Service Updates on our website or app.