March 19, 2020
man purchasing a ticket in a ticket vending machine

How do transfers work with rear-boarding?

We are not offering paper transfers for the duration of the state of local emergency. This is an honour-system approach and we are trusting Calgarians to be honest and pay their fares.  

If you have a single-use ticket, tear your ticket and hang on to it. You have 90 minutes to travel/transfer. We trust you – thank you for helping us keep our community safe.  

Who can enter from the front door?

Front door boarding is for customers who require the use of a ramp. For example: 

  • people with strollers, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs or other types of mobility devices 
  • people who are less ambulatory like someone with arthritis, knee problems etc. can board at the front of the bus. 

Are portable ramps an option for rear boarding?

No.  Customers who require a ramp should use the front door of the vehicle. 

Why aren't operators wearing masks and gloves?

Alberta Health Services states that medical masks are not recommended as they do not provide full protection and can create a false sense of security. They can expose you to other risks, as they capture debris, dust and other particles that could be in the air. It is recommended that we keep our hands away from our face and mask wearing increases the chances of our hands touching our face. The best way to stay safe is to practice regular handwashing, utilize antibacterial/viral products and avoid touching your face.    

What else are we doing to protect operators?

  • We are disinfecting all high-touch surfaces in our vehicles. 
  • We are spraying a bleach and water mixture to disinfect inside of vehicles. 
  • We are equipping every vehicle with hand sanitizer for operator use. 
  • A standardized operating procedure has been implemented across all garages to ensure every garage and vehicle is thoroughly sanitized the same way. 

We have asked operators to implement social distancing by:

  • Requesting customers to stand behind the yellow line on buses.
  • Limiting casual conversations with customers.
  • Refraining from touching fare payments.
  • Requesting customers to keep social distance to address questions or concerns. 

Why can’t I sit at the front of the bus?

We have closed off the front seats of shuttle buses and the jump seats directly behind the operator on NOVA buses.  This is to encourage social distancing practices and to maintain physical distance between operators and customers.