January 09, 2020
person pushing an elevator up button


The elevator closure at Rundle Station will remain in effect, due to COVID-19, finishing works have been delayed. The CTrain platform will remain accessible via stairs and the up-escalator. If you can’t use stairs, alternative travel options are listed below.

Beginning in February 2020 the elevators at Rundle and Marlborough CTrain stations will be refurbished. Elevators will be closed, one at a time, for up to six weeks each. While the elevator is closed the CTrain platform is not accessible to customers who are unable to use stairs. Rundle and Marlborough stations have an up-escalator inside the station, but not a down-escalator.

During the closure, customers who cannot use stairs will need to use Route 43 McKnight/Chinook to connect to another nearby station. Alternative travel options are detailed below.

Alternative travel options for customers that can’t use stairs

During the elevator closures, here’s how you can travel to/from Rundle and Marlborough Stations.

During Rundle’s elevator closure
(Feb 3 to mid-March, 2020)

Going to Rundle Station

  • Get off the CTrain at Marlborough or Whitehorn station instead of Rundle.
  • From there, catch Route 43 to Rundle Station.

Leaving from Rundle Station

  • Take Route 43 to either Marlborough or Whitehorn stations, where you can access the CTrain platform via an elevator.

View map of travel options. 

For information out Route 43, check our Trip Planner, Transit App or call 403-262-1000


During Marlborough’s elevator closure
(Closure date to be determined)

Going to Marlborough Station

  • Get off the CTrain at Rundle Station instead of Marlborough.
  • From there, catch Route 43 to Marlborough Station.

Leaving from Marlborough Station

  • Take Route 43 to Rundle Station, where you can access the CTrain platform via an elevator.

View map of travel options.

For information on Route 43, check our Trip Planner, Transit App or call 403-262-1000.


Why the elevators are being refurbished

Rundle and Marlborough are two of our busiest and oldest CTrain stations. They opened in 1985 and the elevators have not undergone any major upgrades to their core components since they were installed. This elevator refurbishment project will fully modernize the mechanical and electrical components to ensure reliability and the long term availability of parts and technical expertise.

Renovations to the interiors of both Rundle and Marlborough stations were completed in 2017, which included updates to the interior finishes of the elevators, but it did not address the aging base equipment and infrastructure.

We understand that the elevator closures will be inconvenient for some customers we appreciate your patience and understanding as we modernize the elevators to ensure future reliability.