June 17, 2019
someone working on train line while sparks fly
man working on CTrain track in tunnel

Three Red Line stations between City Hall (North) and Chinook were closed this weekend for routine maintenance activities.  Work included track maintenance, testing and inspection of the Fire Suppression Systems located in the tunnels, rail replacement and work on the overhead catenary systems (the electric wires which power the trains).   


crews working on overhead CTrain line

Shuttle service was provided to keep customers moving and connected to Victoria Park/Stampede, Erlton/Stampede and 39 Avenue stations.  Planned service disruptions like this are typically coordinated for off-peak times so that we impact as few customers as possible. 

working on CTrain line over the weekend

When Calgary Transit fully closes a CTrain station, it’s because the work being performed by crews can’t be safely undertaken while trains are running. It’s also a time saving measure; crews are able to work more quickly and get the job done in less time when they can work steadily with trains out of service.