July 23, 2019
Crews moving platforms on the Crowchild Trail Bridge, with LRT tracks below

Last weekend the Blue Line was closed between Shaganappi Point and City Hall stations. The primary reason for the closure was due to the Crowchild Trail Upgrades project. Crews were moving work platforms on the Crowchild Trail Bridge, which is directly above the Blue Line tracks on Bow Trail. Power was cut to the Blue Line in this area so that our infrastructure would be protected while work was being completed on the bridge above. Whenever work is being done within 3m of LRT power lines, the power must be cut for safety reasons. 

While this section of track was closed, we took the opportunity to repair some concrete on the elevated guideway (LRT bridge) west of Kerby Station. A small crack in the concrete needed to be patched so that water can’t get into the structure.  

We also pressure washed Sunalta Station, completed maintenance on a traction power substation near Kerby Station, and did inspections on safety equipment at Kerby Station.


Repairing concrete on the elevated guideway.

Thanks for your patience during the closure. You can stay informed about upcoming closures by checking the Service Updates on our website or app.