September 03, 2019

Over the September long weekend CTrain tracks were closed on the Red Line between City Hall and Chinook stations so that we could complete a number of important maintenance projects.

Here’s a look at some of the work we completed:

Replacing the rock bed around the tracks

The rock bed that you see around LRT tracks is called the ballast. The purpose of ballast is to help keep the track geometry in place, which creates a smooth ride and keeps trains in line with platforms. It needs to be replaced occasionally, especially on older sections of track, to help keep the track properly aligned.

work equipment

Rail joint replacements

LRT tracks are set in “blocks,” and are protected by signal lights at the edge of each block. When a signal is red it means a train cannot pass into the next block because it’s not safe for reasons such as traffic crossing the tracks, or another train in the next block. A joint is a device that separates the blocks, and they are critical for safety because they isolate one block from another.

This weekend, we replaced rail joints near Victoria Park/Stampede Station, as shown in the photo below.

working on the CTrain line

Joint maintenance in the tunnel

Additionally, we completed joint injections in the tunnel between City Hall and Victoria Park/Stampede station. Over time the seal on the joints can deteriorate and cause water to leak onto the rails. We monitor this very carefully, because if ice builds up on the rail in the winter it can cause a train derailment. This weekend we sealed the joints with a product that creates a solid membrane and stops water from flowing through the joint, allowing it to flow to the drain instead.

working on the CTrain lineWorking on the CTrain Line

These are just three of eight maintenance projects that were completed over the weekend.

Thanks for your patience during the track closure. As you can see, it’s critical that we do regular maintenance on our infrastructure to keep our transit system safe and reliable. You can stay informed about upcoming closures by checking the Service Updates on our website or app.