November 14, 2016

Updated: October 20, 2017

In 2016, we completed a major review of some northwest and inner city bus routes and implemented 17 new or amended bus routes. We’ve completed a six-month update of how the plan has proceeded since the September 5, 2016 implementation and to guide any next steps for monitoring and action. Learn more.

The goal of the service review was to create simpler, more frequent bus routes running later into the evenings and on weekends. Input from customers was used as much as possible in designing the new routes - we held 18 public engagement sessions and more than 1,500 citizens provided online feedback.
For more information, please view the project history and public feedback page.

New bus routes
Route 8 – North Pointe-Brentwood
Route 9 – Dalhousie-Foothills Medical Centre*
Route 10 – City Hall-Southcentre
Route 31 – Dalhousie-University
Route 53 – Brentwood-Greenwood
Route 65 – Market Mall-Downtown West
Route 90 – Bridgeland-Sunalta*
Route 97 – South Ranchlands-Scenic Acres
Route 104 – Sunnyside-Foothills Medical Centre*
Route 105 – Dalhousie-Lions Park
Route 113 – North Ranchlands-Scenic Acres
Route 120 – North Silver Springs
Route 134 – South Silver Springs
Route 404 – North Hill
Route 412 – Bow Trail
Route 422 – Dalhousie-Montgomery
Route 449 – Eau Claire-Parkhill*

*Routes 9, 90, 104 and 449

After the introduction of new bus routes on Sept. 5, 2016, we encountered some operational concerns with Routes 9 and 90. The operational concerns negatively impacted our ability to provide safe and reliable bus service on those routes. As a result we made changes to Routes 9 and 90 in order to address these concerns while continuing to provide transit service in these communities. The changes came into effect on Dec. 19, 2016.

Route 9 was split at Foothills Medical Centre into two separate routes (view map):

  • Route 9 (CHANGED) – Dalhousie-Foothills Medical Centre
  • Route 104 (NEW) – Sunnyside-Foothills Medical Centre

Route 90 was split downtown into two separate routes (view map):

Project history and initial route proposals