November 05, 2018
Picture of a shelter on the 17 Avenue S.E. transitway

The introduction of the transitway brings new rules for 17 Avenue S.E. drivers to follow

The 17  Avenue S.E. transitway consists of the two centre lanes of 17 Avenue S.E. from 9 Avenue S.E. to Hubalta Road S.E., including three new transit-only bridges crossing the Bow River, Western Headworks Canal and Deerfoot Trail.

This transitway not only helps riders get to their destinations more quickly and reliably, but also benefits regular vehicle traffic, since there are fewer delays for bus stops and lane changes.

For the safety of motorists and transit riders, and to maintain transit schedules, non-transit vehicles are not permitted on the transitway at any time. The lanes are clearly marked, so motorists should pay special attention to the signs in the area, to avoid accidentally trespassing on the transit-only road. The transitway is identified by the following:

white diamond

White diamond markings on the road. The diamond symbol means the lane is reserved and not for regular traffic.


red pavement

Red pavement at all stations and major intersections along the transitway.


double white line

Double solid white line, indicating that motorists should not cross over.



Concrete, vegetation, or other physical barriers to prevent vehicles from entering the transitway from the regular traffic lanes.


median signbus only sign

Road signs advising drivers to keep right of the transitway, and signs identifying the lanes as Calgary Transit only.


transit signal lights

Transit-only signal lights. Unlike a typical signal light on a yellow background, these signals are on a black backboard and apply only to transit vehicles within the transit lanes.


turn sign

Right-turns-only - - for the majority of roads that enter onto 17 Avenue S.E. access will be restricted to right turns onto the road. This is clearly marked with a “right turn only” sign.


no right on red

No right on red – to accommodate the legal U-turns at certain intersections along 17th Avenue SE, right turns from the streets leading onto 17th will not be permitted on a red light while the U-turn light is flashing. The traffic signals on these streets will indicate these restrictions.


U-turn lights

U-turns – to give access to businesses on the opposite side of 17th Avenue SE, U-turns are permitted from the left turn lane at several intersections. These intersections are marked with a U-turn sign, and have an advance green for U-turns and left turns.


U-turn across transitway

All U-turns must cross over the two transit-only lanes and enter the driving lane in the opposite direction. Motorists must not enter the transitway.