Thank you for signing up for the Calgary Transit My Fare pilot! Your participation will help us make sure we’re offering a great service for Calgarians.

Over the 90 days of the pilot, we’d like you to use Calgary Transit the way you usually would. The only difference will be in how you pay for and show your ticket/pass. We’ll also send you a survey near the end of each month, to get an idea of how the app is working for you.

Below is some information for you to get started using the My Fare app. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us by email at or by phone at 403-268-1969.

Downloading the My Fare App

Once you’ve signed up for the My Fare pilot, you’ll get an email with a link to download the app.

After you’ve clicked on the link, tap “Install” and it will be added to your phone. When the app is downloaded and installed, you’ll see the My Fare icon on your screen.

Setting up Your Account

The first time you use the My Fare app, you can set up your account by clicking the top menu (three lines at the top right side of the screen), and selecting “Profile.” From there, select the “New Account” tab, and enter the email address that you used to sign up for the pilot. Enter a secure password and click “Create new account.”

Now you’re ready to buy your first ticket or pass.

Buying a Ticket / Pass

Tickets and passes can be purchased using the app or online at

Once purchased, your ticket or pass will be in your ticket wallet.

Using your Ticket / Pass

When you’re ready to board your bus or enter a fare-paid zone, you’ll need to activate your ticket or pass. From your ticket wallet, you can select the ticket or pass that you wish to use.

Once selected, you can tap the “Activate Ticket” button, and your ticket will be valid. Please note that once you’ve activated your ticket or pass, its validity period begins.

Validity Periods:

  • Single Ride Ticket – 90 minutes from the time of activation
  • Day Pass – Until 2:00 a.m. the day following activation
  • Monthly Pass – Until the last day of the month of activation

Once you’ve activated your ticket, it will appear in the app as a QR code.

When you board a bus with an onboard validator (all buses on routes 4, 38, 149 and 150), you’ll place the QR code against the lower screen on the validator, which will read your code. You’ll see either a green or yellow screen and hear a sound that indicates your ticket is valid.

When you board a bus without an onboard validator, you’ll need to change the screen on your app to show the visual ticket. You do this by tapping the button that says “Tap to view color bar.” You can show this visual ticket, along with your Transit Participant card, to your bus operator. The visual ticket has security features that let your operator know it’s valid.

If a Transit peace officer asks to see your ticket or pass, you can show him or her your activated ticket. Peace officers have a scanner that can read and validate the QR code on your My Fare app. They can also view your visual ticket and Transit Participant card to confirm validity.


How do I download My Fare?

Currently the My Fare app is in a test environment, so during the pilot you can only download My Fare by signing up on Once you sign up, we’ll send you a link to follow for the app.

Can I transfer to other routes / the CTrain?

Yes you can. For any route without an onboard validator, you’ll need to show the bus operator your visual ticket. You can display your visual ticket by touching the “tap to view color bar” button from the ticket screen.

On the CTrain, if you’re asked by a PSE officer, you can show your active ticket, and they’ll be able to scan it to verify that it’s valid.

Just remember to pick up your Transit Participant card, which will confirm that you’re part of the pilot. If you can’t pick up your card, please email us at and we’ll arrange to get the card to you.

What if my phone dies?

In order to ride transit, you are responsible to make sure you can produce a valid fare. If your phone dies, you’ll have to purchase/use another type of fare until it can be charged.

During the pilot, can I buy tickets for my friends / family?

Yes! You can buy additional day passes and single ride tickets for your friends and family riding on route 4, 38, 149 or 150. We want to test our system with as many scenarios as possible, so encourage you to buy different types and quantities of fares during the pilot.

You’ll have to activate a ticket for each of your guests, and they will have to travel and transfer with you, because the additional tickets will reside on your phone.

When you have more than one ticket activated, you can swipe between them to scan each code or show each visual ticket to the bus operator.

Does the App use data / do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

You do need an internet connection to purchase a ticket or pass, but once it’s purchased, you no longer need a connection – your ticket will live in the app on your phone. You can activate and use it without using data or Wi-Fi.

You can also pre-purchase tickets from your computer and push them to your phone if you don’t have data or access to Wi-Fi.

I bought my ticket / pass but the app isn't showing it.

It’s possible that you haven’t activated your ticket. You can check by selecting your ticket wallet from the home screen. The ticket wallet will show all the tickets/passes you’ve purchased. If your ticket/pass says “Inactive,” you’ll need to activate it before boarding your bus or entering the paid fare area. Select the ticket/pass you wish to use and tap the green “Activate Ticket” button. A screen will pop up, letting you know your ticket details. Tap “Agree and Continue” and your activated ticket will show on your screen.

How do I know when my single ride ticket will expire?

After you’ve activated your ticket, you can check how much time you have left by tapping the “Ticket Info” button from the ticket screen. On the next screen, it will show the expiration time beside “Valid to.”

If all goes well, when will this be rolled out to other routes?

Full deployment is planned for mid-2020.