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We’re excited to be testing a new system for mobile ticketing. The My Fare app will allow you to pay for and validate your tickets/passes on your phone. Buses will be equipped with validators that can instantly scan a bar code created by the app. You’ll be able to use your phone as your ticket, by scanning it when you board your bus or showing it to your driver. 


To make sure the My Fare app meets the needs of our customers, we’re testing it on four bus routes:

  • Route 4 – Huntington
  • Route 38 – Brentwood/Temple
  • Route 149 – Point Trotter
  • Route 150 – 114 Avenue SE

We’re looking for 200 people who use these routes to test it over the course of 90 days, beginning June 26. If you’re interested, please review the participant requirements and agreement, and sign up below, before June 7.

Participant Requirements

To be included in this pilot, participants must:

  • Be regular riders of route 4, 38, 149 or 150
  • Ride the routes a minimum of three days per week, which could include peak hours or non-peak hours and weekends (on Route 4 or 38)
  • Agree to participate for the full 90 days of the pilot
  • Be willing to give feedback online at the end of each month and in person at the end of the 90 days
  • Have a smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Be willing to download the app onto their smartphone and create an account, including payment information 
  • Have a credit card to pay online (this could include a standard credit card, VISA debit card, debit Mastercard or pre-paid credit card)
  • Be willing to pay for a pass using the app
  • Use the app to purchase regular tickets, day passes and/or a monthly pass during the 90-day pilot
  • Provide contact information and permission for Calgary Transit to contact them throughout the 90 days of the pilot
  • Be 18 years or older, or have a parent or guardian’s permission to participate
  • Be willing to come to a Calgary Transit location at the end of each month in the pilot to pick up a hard-copy Transit participant card 
  • Agree to the pilot’s terms and conditions

If you meet these requirements and would like to test the My Fare app, please sign up!

Sign up!



Why are you thinking of introducing this new app?

Calgary Transit is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, including making paying for transit service easier. As more Calgarians move toward using smartphones in all aspects of their day, it makes sense for us to offer an option to use their phone for payment and display of transit fares.

Why only four routes?

The pilot is intended to be in a small test environment for a limited period of time. That way we can confirm that it works the way it should and meets the needs of our riders before fully rolling it out.

The app will be made available for testers from an internal site during the course of the 90-day pilot. After the pilot is completed and successful, the app will be made available in the app stores for iOS and Android devices.

Why those four routes?

These routes were selected because they provide service across the city and to a variety of demographic groups of riders.

Why am I seeing the machines on other buses? 

To make sure there’s no gaps in service during the pilot, we’ve installed validators on several extra buses. If there are any issues with the machines on the four routes in the pilot, having them installed on additional buses will allow us to replace them seamlessly. In the meantime, the buses with the spare validators can still be used for other routes.

If it goes well, when will this be rolled out?

Full deployment for the rest of the city is planned for mid-2020.

Does Calgary Transit plan to eliminate paper ticketing?

No. We regularly check in with our riders and have learned that eliminating paper tickets and passes is not something they would support at this time. Instead, we are adding this as an option that will make paying for transit easier for those who prefer not to use paper or cash, while not taking away the option from others.

If I ride more than just these routes, can I still participate?

Yes you can! The My Fare app has both scannable and visual tickets/passes. The four routes in the pilot have onboard validators that can scan your app ticket/pass when you board the bus, so you’ll use the scannable ticket on those buses.

On all other buses or the CTrain, you’ll show your visual ticket/pass to the operator or PSE officer, along with your Transit Participant Card, which you’ll get after you sign up.

Can I participate in the pilot if I usually buy a monthly pass?

Yes. When you use My Fare to buy a ticket or pass, you activate it just prior to entering a bus or fare-paid zone. If you have a single ride ticket, it’s valid for 90 minutes after you activate it. A day pass is valid until 2 a.m. the morning following activation, and a monthly pass is valid until the end of the month it’s activated for. We’d like to test all fare types in the pilot.

If you have any questions about this collection, please contact us at or 403-268-1969.