Customer Feedback

If you wish to make us aware of a concern or suggestion, or leave a commendation for an individual or something you like in general, please click on one of the links below and fill out the form that appears. If the area you wish to comment on is not included in the list, please use the email form located at the bottom of the page under General Customer Feedback.

1.  Bus Operation

  • Bus is more than 5 minutes late, consistently late or did not show up at all. (Please provide the time you arrived at the stop, time bus was scheduled, and time it came to the stop.)
  • Manner in which the bus is being driven. Is the bus being driven safely? (Too fast, rough stops and starts, obeying traffic laws, not maintaining schedule, etc.)

2.  CTrain Operation
  • Manner in which the CTrain is being operated. Is it being driven safely? (Too fast, abrupt starts and stops, etc.)

3.  Operator Conduct
  • Bus or CTrain is more than 5 minutes early or constantly running ahead of schedule
  • Operator is helpful, courteous, rude, etc.
  • Passenger not picked up (except for overcrowded buses - see Schedules)

4.  Schedules

  • Bus is overcrowded (i.e. could not pick up passengers)
  • Request for more buses (earlier, later, weekends, more frequent)
  • Transfer connection times
  • School bus service inquiries

5Route and Schedule Information

  • Information accessibility and accuracy
    Please specify the information source you used: website, Teleride, TeleText, Call Centre, paper route schedules, posters, etc.

6.  Planning

  • Feedback regarding the route your bus travels
  • Request a bus service, zone or a shelter

7.  Public Safety and Security Issues

  • Report safety or security concern (Note: If you are in immediate danger, phone 9-1-1)
    Please review our Transit Watch information
  • Concerns about the behaviour of other customers you ride with. Is the same customer(s) on the bus every day?
  • Concerns regarding the station, equipment, or surrounding area that may be considered a safety or security issue

8.  Vehicle Maintenance CTrain / Bus / Shuttle

  • Report an unclean vehicle (inside / outside), that has damage or mechanical issues

9.  Snow and Ice Removal

  • Report snow and ice removal for LRT platforms (including adjacent ramps and stairs), park and ride lots, bus aprons (the cement portion the bus shelter or bench sits on that is not part of the sidewalk), and snow plowed windrows in front of the bus stop. Provide the 4 digit teleride number where possible.

10.  Bus Shelter Maintenance
  • Report a damaged shelter, or one that requires cleaning (windows, seat, garbage removal, etc.)

11.  Bus Zone Maintenance

  • Report a dirty bus zone. Are there long grass and weeds?
  • Safety concerns to board and get off the bus at this bus zone
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Bus zone pole and sign (including decals) in need of repair

12.  CTrain Station Maintenance

  • Report damage
  • Station or platform in need of cleaning (stairs, floors, walls, windows, etc.)
  • Snow and ice removal 
  • HELP phones, escalators, elevators, digital displays and speaker operation

13.  Park and Ride Lots Maintenance

  • Cleaning required (garbage, snow and ice removal)
  • Pot holes, broken fences, signs or gates

14.  Bikes and Transit

  • Report, inquire or provide feedback on bike lockers, bike racks, folding bikes, etc.
    Find information about bikes on our website.

15.  General Customer Feedback


Other Contacts

Call Centre 403-262-1000
TTY (Teletype) 403-268-8087 (for hard of hearing)
Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Customer Service Centre  
Centre Street Platform
125 - 7 Avenue SE
Monday - Saturday

Lost Property

10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Customer Service Centre  
Bow Parkade
234 - 7 Avenue SW
Monday - Friday

10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Media Relations Line 403-828-2954
Recruitment 403-537-7934
Access Calgary 403-537-7997
Teleride 403-974-4000
TeleText Text 4-digit stop # to 74000
Twitter Twitter@calgarytransit

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