Transit Email Alerts

Transit Email Alerts is a subscription service that allows you to receive emails, based on your selected preferences, about what is happening with various Calgary Transit services.

Transit Email Alerts will alert you to changes that are, or will be happening to your selected preferences and will direct you to where you can get more detailed information.

Depending on your selections, Transit Email Alerts can alert you to:

  • Planned schedule changes for your selected route(s)
  • Planned routing changes for your selected route(s)
  • Planned detours for your selected route(s)
  • Planned service disruptions due to maintenance, construction and special events that affect your selected route(s)
  • Unplanned service disruptions due to severe weather, power outages and emergency road closures that affect your selected route(s)
  • Fare changes
  • Monthly reminders to purchase your transit pass                                                                                                                                      
  • Press releases
  • Project updates
  • Open houses

Sign up for Email Alerts – you only need to provide your email address – and you will receive timely information that is important to you!

You can edit your selected preferences at any time.

To sign up click here: Transit Email Alerts

Calgary Transit strives to provide the best information possible as it becomes available. However, there may be short delays in providing detailed information on the Calgary Transit web site after you receive the alert as we gather the relevant information to post. This will usually occur during times of unplanned service disruptions caused by severe weather and the number of routes that are affected.

Additionally, alerts will not be provided for minor delays that occur during regular service hours due to traffic congestion

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