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Calgary Transit is a business unit of The City of Calgary's Transportation Department. It is The City's largest business unit with more than 2,700 employees. Its mission is:

To provide safe, accessible and courteous public transportation services in response to the needs of our customers.

Calgary Transit is organized into the following divisions:

Director's Office
Service Design
Operational Transit Planning
Strategic Planning
Transit Fleet
Access Calgary
Safety & Security

Director's Office
The Director's Office is responsible for the overall operation of Calgary Transit and provides direction and support to the various divisions to achieve Calgary Transit's mission. It includes the Finance & Accounting unit which provides administrative support for all of Calgary Transit in budget preparation and budget management.
The Operation division is responsible for:
  • managing and supporting bus, CTrain and community shuttle operators
  • monitoring and ensuring that the delivery of transit service is maintained through schedule adherence, and the detouring and re-routing of buses when necessary
  • communicating with bus, CTrain, and community shuttle operators, supervisors, and other personnel to coordinate on-road service delivery, and to provide them with information and support.
Operational Planning
The Operational Planning division is responsible for:
  • bus route planning
  • bus stop locations and customer amenities (shelters, benches, etc)
  • transit priority measures to optimize transit services
  • data collection, customer surveys, service analysis and policies
  • input on new community plans and development to enhance transit
Service Design
The Service Design division is responsible for:
  • scheduling of all bus, LRT, and community shuttle service
  • ridership analysis and forecasting
  • scheduling and dispatching bus, CTrain, and community shuttle operators
  • providing customer service and assistance, and scheduling information through the Calgary Transit Call Centre
  • monitoring Calgary Transit's closed circuit television surveillance system
  • managing the Customer Service Centre including Lost Property and the sale of all Calgary Transit fares (pass and ticket sales)
  • cash processing 
  • producing and distributing passes and tickets for sale through a variety of sales outlets
  • providing scheduling, mapping, and general transit information through Calgary Transit web site
  • maintaining ticket vending machines at all CTrain stations

Transit Fleet
The Transit Fleet division is responsible for both purchasing and maintaining bus and auxiliary vehicles and LRT trains, as well as support facilities needed to operate service.

Access Calgary
The Access Calgary Section is responsible for coordinating transportation services to meet the needs of customers with disabilities. This division works closely with Calgary Handi-Bus, and various taxi companies to provide customers with disabilities the most appropriate and effective means to travel around Calgary. 

Safety & Security
The Safety and Security division is responsible for:

  • the training of all bus, CTrain, community shuttle operators, and other transit employees on the safe and proper operation of the various transit vehicles and equipment.
  • the recruiting and hiring of all bus, c-train, and community shuttle operators for Calgary Transit
  • monitoring and implementing safety policies and procedures.
  • the safety and security of transit customers through the enforcement of the Transit By-law, responding to incidents involving customer safety, and patrolling the LRT line on a regular basis in uniform and out of uniform and to provide assistance to customers.
  • environmental systems and reporting.



Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning division is responsible for:
  • customer experience: identify / strategize / implement customer care initiatives, administer Customer Advisory Group
  • marketing: promotion, education and marketing of future Calgary Transit service and capital projects
  • strategic transit planning: network development, capital financing, business planning, liaising with Transportation Planning, LUPP, Corporate Properties and Office of Land Servicing and Housing
  • capital project planning: functional planning for rapid transit projects, alternatives analysis, updating design guidelines, liaising with Transportation Infrastructure

The Infrastructure division is responsible fomaintenance, replacement, renewal and upgrading of all Calgary Transit standards, properties, buildings, stations, garages, track and rail systems.

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