2014 LRT Maintenance Schedule

It is construction season and Calgary Transit, like many other groups, has lots of work to do.

    Workers replacing ballast.
  • Platforms / Stations are being extended to accommodate four car trains. Please refer to our Station / Platform Construction Schedule

  • Ongoing maintenance is being performed to protect the CTrain infrastructure (rails, overhead wires, track switches and station buildings)

This work is necessary to help accommodate Calgary’s growth, improve the transit system and contribute to a City we are proud of. We try to minimize the disruption to customers; however some of this work cannot be done safely without impacting CTrain service.

The following schedule is provided to alert you to maintenance work that is planned for the rest of the summer and the impact it will have on service. Customers are encouraged to plan accordingly and allow extra time to meet their transportation requirements.



Changes to CTrain Service


18 - 19

39 Avenue Station

Calgary Transit will be performing maintenance on Saturday, October 18 and Sunday, October 19 at 39 Avenue Station. CTrains will arrive and depart from the southbound platform only. More information

Repairs to concrete on the northbound platform will be made, as well as glass replacement and overhead lighting maintenance.

25 - 26

Banff Trail
Victoria Park-Stampede

Calgary Transit will be performing maintenance on Saturday, October 25 through Sunday, October 26. CTrains will share a single (outbound) track between Lions Park and University stations. CTrains will also share a single (outbound) track between Victoria Park-Stampede and City Hall stations.

Banff Trail platform 4-car extension (inbound side)
CP Tunnel maintenance (inbound side).

More dates may be added or changes made as work is approved and confirmed.

Shuttles and Revised Schedules:

Shuttle buses are provided when CTrains cannot provide service between one or more stations and both sets of track are closed.  Detailed shuttle information including schedules and bus stop locations will be posted on calgarytransit.com and on the station platforms.  When CTrains are running on a single set of tracks, you may have to catch your train on the opposite side to normal.  The service may also be less frequent because trains have to travel more slowly through work areas.  Look for signs, check the Calgary Transit website at calgarytransit.com, call (403) 262-1000 or send us a tweet if you have questions.  Additionally, you can visit our website and sign up for Transit Email Alerts as another way to get timely information on the specific routes you use.

Calgary Transit appreciates your patience and understanding during these necessary maintenance projects.

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