CONNECT Electronic Fare Collection

Late last year we announced that we were renewing the contract with our vendor to proceed with an electronic fare payment collection system. We have been hard at work and things are progressing well.

Card reader installation on buses and ticket vending machines.

We have started to install readers at all 44 stations and on all of our 1,100+ buses. During installation, card readers may be powered but will not yet be functioning. There are over 1,200 readers to install, so we’re getting started early. Once the system software is ready and all the readers are installed we will start testing the system, but we are still a few months away.

When will the system launch?

A launch date will be announced after we have tested the system.

What fare products will be available with Connect?
The fare products that we offer today will not change. We will just be adding another easy-to-use and convenient fare payment option for our customers. The Connect system will have a combination of reloadable and disposable cards. The fare types that will be offered include; monthly passes, UPasses, airport passes and Show N’ Go passes.

How will the CONNECT Card Work?

  1. Tap your card on a bus or CTrain platform reader to deduct fare from the card balance or to recognize a valid monthly pass.
  2. Readers will beep and show a green light with successful transactions. Readers will not beep and will show a red light if the transaction is not successful
  3. Readers will display the remaining balance on your card

*Valid fares are confirmed by bus readers or PSE officer hand held readers.


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