Cash Fares and Transfers

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Cash Fares:

ADULT $3.00     (18 years of age and older)
YOUTH $2.00 (6 - 17 years of age)

Calgary Transit operators do not sell tickets or carry change. Therefore, please have exact fare when boarding Calgary Transit buses.

If using the CTrain, you will need coins to purchase a ticket from ticket vending machines located at all CTrain stations. Select either adult or youth ticket and deposit the exact fare. Keep your ticket in your possession at all times. If you must transfer to a bus to complete your trip, present the ticket to the bus operator when boarding.

Youth fare may only be used by individuals between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age. Picture ID including proof of age may be requested. Students 18 to 21 years of age and attending high school full time may pay youth fare upon presentation of a student ID card. This excludes summer vacation and Adult Education.


If you need to use more than one bus to complete your trip, please ask the operator for a transfer when boarding the bus.

Transfers are valid only on the day of issue, within 90 minutes of the time indicated. Customers will be allowed to stop over and travel in any direction during this period of time.

Transfers must be given to the operator when boarding or kept in your possession at all times when using the CTrain or within fare restricted areas.

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