Accessible Transit

Calgary Transit is easily accessible to people with limited mobility or who use wheelchairs.

All CTrain stations and platforms are accessible by ramps and some stations include elevators. (Whitehorn, Rundle, Marlborough, Franklin, University, SAIT, Brentwood, Bridgeland, Dalhousie, Crowfoot, Sunalta, Westbrook and 69 Street W) The centre doors on each CTrain car are marked with a blue light, and a wheelchair decal. The vertical grab bar entering the car has been modified to allow easy wheelchair access. Lap belts are provided to guard against the movement of wheelchairs while the CTrain is in motion.

 Low Floor buses have been integrated into the fleet to make it easier for all customers to use, including customers who use wheelchairs or who have difficulty climbing stairs. These buses have a unique low floor design and are equipped with retractable ramps for your convenience. There are no steps to climb.

 Each low floor bus is designed to carry 2 customers in wheelchairs. Customers must be able to maneuver their wheelchair safely and effectively on their own, and are strongly advised to use the wheelchair restraint system and lap belts provided. Due to availability, not all trips can be served by a low floor bus, especially during peak periods. Please consult the individual route schedule for your route for the bus you need.

 Attendant cards are available for customers that require an attendant to accompany them, and allow the attending person to ride free. Customers may apply for Calgary Transit Attendant Cards by phoning Access Calgary at 403-537-7933.

Access Calgary provides transportation services for customers that may not always be able to use Calgary Transit buses and CTrains. They are responsible for managing the eligibility, booking, scheduling, and dispatching of shared ride, door to door transportation services for Calgarians with disabilities. Strong partnerships with Calgary Handi-Bus and various taxi companies ensure that each trip meets the high standards of safety and courtesy expected by our customers. For further information on Access Calgary, or to apply for service with Access Calgary click here.

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